Know About Oculoplasty Services

OCULOPLASTY? means plastic surgery of the various structures of the eye. There can be many cosmetic and functional problems around the eye.

Congenital (by birth)

The usual deformities seen since birth can be, Coloboma (gap) in the eyelid, shrunken eyelids, drooping eyelids (Ptosis), blocked tear drainage passages leading to watering and infection in a newborn.

Traumatic (injury)

This covers damage to the eyelids, tear drainage passages, loss of eyelid tissue, scar formation, loss of eyeball to name a few.

Age related

They can be problems like in-turning or out-turning of eyelids (entropion/ectropion), rubbing of eye lashes on the eye (trichiasis), blocked tear drainage passages.


They are benign or malignant growth on the eyelids or behind the eye.


These include, loose folds of lid skin, baggy eyelids, moles / nevi causing blemish, scars, artificial eyes, cosmetic shells.